Michael Kors

Another Michael Kors bag for the collection

Since I’ve entered the corporate world again, it was time to expand the collection with another work bag. This time the gorgeous Michael Kors jet set. As I’m building a capsule wardrobe based upon a limited amount of colors, I searched for a color in one of my neutrals: cognac / caramel or black. Since it is a very popular brand, and offers beautiful products within an affordable price range, I opted again for Michael Kors. Even advised this brand to a colleague of mine who was looking for a present for his wife. This particular bag, has space for a laptop, studs at the bottom and handy compartments for all other necessities.

When I was doing a background check on Michael Kors, it came as no surprise that he has worked for Céline. He was the creative director of this house before he directed all his activities to his own label. Although in a different price range both brands ooze the same kind of classy, structured and clean look. If there are enough requests for a Céline bag, it is one Ill be glad to fulfill.

Book this Michael Kors bag here. If you like the Michael Kors brand, but are looking for a smaller bag you can always try the crossbody that we have in our share-collection. Ideal for receptions, because it leaves your hands free.

Een cross-body is handig bij staande recepties.

Een cross-body is handig bij staande recepties.