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Wedding arrangement

The bride will always shine at her own wedding. To make her day more perfect the wedding guests should look the part as well. Otherwise it would be pearls before swine. And to add that little bit more of splendor to an outfit, you can always use a handbag. Therefore The Handbag Society offers also to non-members the wedding arrangement. A three day use of any available handbag in the collection for € 150. If there are four or more wedding guests from the same wedding using this arrangement the price per handbag will be € 125.

Members will need no additional deposit, non-members pay € 300 per handbag. The deposit will be returned, when the handbags are returned without damage.

Please send an e-mail with your contact details and the wedding date to and we will call you.

Bagsupport helps you find the perfect bag

Do you know that feeling that you have a pile of bags, but none of those is the one you need? And it's very easy to always settle for the same handbag? The Handbag Society offers her services not only in borrowing handbags to you, but also in giving advice if you want to buy an investment piece. What's more frustrating than putting yourself on the Birkin waiting list and than when you finally get your bag, discover that you don't really use it? A bagsupport session starts with an interview at your place, including a thorough look into your wardrobe. After discovering what your style is and what your needs are, The Handbag Society will present a couple of possibilities within a week time. If you wish The Handbag Society will also acquire your perfect bag for you. The initial interview will take-up about 90 minutes. The cost for the session including advice is € 250. For acquiring the bag an additional commission will be charged.

Handbag Etiquette

For Handbag Etiquette click to the following blog post. All bags of the collection fit into one or more categories. If you want to be sure if a bag is suitable for work, just click on work. It works the same for party. But if you want some more pointers on what bag is best for what occasion read the following blog post or make an appointment.

Clean up your closet!

Do you need some help cleaning out your closet? Get ready for the new season and start your spring cleaning early. The Handbag Society offers her 5S experience to individuals and businesses to sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.