wallaboo diaper bag

Choosing the right bag

This post I’m going to dedicate on choosing the right bag for your capsule, travel or maternity wardrobe. In my previous post I showed a template for a capsule wardrobe and an example for a maternity wardrobe. But what I’ve omitted so far, were the bags! And as I’ve written before and still believe: bags and other accessories can give your outfit the wow-factor!

Choosing the right bags for your wardrobe

When you are considering to actually buy a bag, instead of renting it, you’ll actually have to not only love it, but also plenty of opportunity to use it. While a small Chanel Boy Bag might be the handbag you’re craving for, it might not suit your lifestyle. Therefore check what size of bag you need for your daily activities. And then check your wardrobe color scheme. It’s safest if you pick one of your neutral colors if you want a larger bag and for a smaller bag you can pick one of your accent colors. Although any color from your color scheme or even a combination of the colors from your color scheme will be perfect. Allocate a budget and then start searching for the right bag and buy the best quality you can find. It might be worthwhile to wait for the sales, since this bag should last you more than one season.

Choosing the right bag for the example maternity wardrobe

Let’s have a look again at the color scheme of the example maternity wardrobe.

grey and navy based wardrobe color scheme

Color scheme: grey and navy based.

The two basics are grey and navy with an additional white neutral. The assumption was that there were already some usable navy items in the existing wardrobe. Therefore splurging on a everyday bag in navy would be a good investment. If you consider renting, the following bags from the collection would be excellent. Just have a look how well these bags match with a selection of the maternity wardrobe. The Mona leather trapeze is a great large bag to carry around daily. The StellaMcCartney and the salmon Salvatore Ferragamo are small and perfect for a special occasion.


Top striped basic 1 Tregging basic 1 suede navy loafers

For the day to day activities, a navy bag works great. The accent color of the Stella McCartney bag would flatter the following already beautiful outfit.


Sjaal roze_grijs strakke jurk, accentkleur phase 2suede grey over the knee boots


There are two kinds of bags that The Handbag Society doesn’t have in the collection, for obvious reasons and one of them is a diaper bag. And you will need one, or sacrifice¬†one of your own bags once the baby is due. If you are like me and you want your partner involved and carrying the bag instead of you, it might be a good idea to choose a neutral color for the diaper bag instead of an accent color. After about 7 months we stopped using a dedicated diaper bag therefore I wouldn’t suggest that you spend a lot of money on it. Herewith some options that match with the maternity wardrobe.

Diaper bag navy

This Kidzroom diaper bag fits the two basics from the navy-grey color scheme perfect. Although cute, it’s not “girly” and your partner can carry it for you as well.

Grey diaper bag

Another option for a diaper bag from Pasito a Pasito in the second neutral.

Personally I like the diaper bags by Wallaboo and Cowboysbag as well, but before buying them I would make sure they would fit my color scheme.

wallaboo diaper bag

Fortunately, these cute Wallaboo diaper bags come in a large variety of colors. You might be able to find one that fit’s your color scheme. The grey, light blue, pink and white bag would match the example wardrobe. But keep in mind that you want your partner carrying the bag as well.


Pricey but stylish and very suitable for men as well, this real leather grey diaper bag by Cowboysbag.

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