Add a blouse

How to create an office wardrobe on a budget? Part 3

I hope you had a lovely Easter. Besides searching for eggs, I was searching for pins. Don’t you love capsule wardrobes? Tons of inspiration can be found on Pinterest. I’ve selected a couple of them that I really like on this board, including my favorite pins for office outfits. To keep your office wardrobe affordable, a capsule wardrobe is the answer. But buying the pieces of the capsule wardrobe all at once is not something many of us can do. Therefore I’ve started this series of posts about how to create them on a budget, your budget. Herewith the links to the first and second post on this subject. If you’ve followed my advice so far, you are ready to add a blouse, flats and cigarette pants now. (If you already bought a complete suit in the first month, instead of just the blazer, you can skip the pants).

Step 1: You have to wear shoes every day

And not only do you need to wear shoes every day, it’s better for the shoes and your feet if you don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row. In the first part you selected a pair of pumps, now a pair of office worthy flats will do. Again choose a pair in your color scheme and appropriate to the season you are in at the moment.

Office capsule wardrobe

A classic ballerina is an ideal office shoe for the less dressy days. This one is very affordable and comes in different colors.

capsule wardrobe flats

I just love the use of accent colors in shoes! If you already have a classic pump in one of your neutral colors, you can liven up your capsule wardrobe with these flats by Marc Fischer.

Step 2: A blouse with print or in your accent color

When I started working after I received my Master’s degree, I thought office wardrobes were boring and tended to make look everyone like grey mice. I didn’t yet appreciate the smaller details, wherewith you could really distinguish yourself, in a positive way. Blouses are one of the easiest ways to add something of your personal taste and style to your office wardrobe. After adding only “neutrals” now it’s time to choose a blouse with a print or in one of your accent colors. But remember: you’re shoulders should be covered, your décolleté modest and crop isn’t a possibility.

Add a blouse

Just a quick snapshot of the blouse I am wearing while I work on this post.

Step 3: Back to basic with pants

You had your moment of fun with the blouse, now you need pants in the same even color as the blazer that you’ve bought. They don’t have to be part of the same suit, but nevertheless have to go together. Identify which style of pants you like best, but make sure that they are a perfect fit or get them tailored. By pants, I don’t mean jeans or leggings. Cigarette pants are ideal for spring and summer.

cigarette pants

I found this picture on Pinterest. It shows that cigarette pants are ideal for a spring or summer office wardrobe.