Join The Handbag Society today!

Full membership

As a full member you have access to the complete collection. For € 500 you’ll receive 12 vouchers and you have a whole year to spend them on the complete collection. The standard borrowing time is 3 weeks. A half year membership is € 260 with an additional € 300 deposit. You’ll receive 6 vouchers and will receive your deposit back after your membership expires.

Share only membership

For only € 70 and a designer bag of your own that you make available for the duration of a year, you’ll receive two vouchers to spend on the share collection. Every time somebody borrows your handbag, you’ll earn more vouchers. The more handbags you upload, the more likely somebody borrows one of yours.

One time use only

If you don’t want to become a member, but do have that one special occasion and not the right handbag yet, you have come to the right place. Pick any available, check the calendar, bag from the collection for € 150 and send us an e-mail. We’ll make sure that we deliver the bag to you the day before the event and pick it up the day after. For weddings we have a special offer.