Mission and vision

Women and girls living in The Netherlands have become more and more fashion minded the last couple of years. All kinds of beautiful blogs endorse this statement day to day. There is only one item that lags behind: The Handbag. And I must confess it was also always the last thing on my mind when choosing an outfit. When invited to a wedding or other special occasion, I spent weeks in advance on dress, shoes, even the right nail color, but I forget the bag, while it is the finishing touch! Unlike a dress, a bag will forgive you wait loss or gain. The right bag will upgrade any outfit. And the right bag is off course in many occasions very expensive. Thus to make it easier for all of us The Handbag Society is founded.

Why buy 1 bag when you can use 14? My mother and grandmothers have closets full of bags, and my mother, to my father’s despair is still buying new ones each season. Fashionable, yes, but what a waste! If I owned every book I’ve ever read there would be no place in my house to live in, that’s why I love libraries and always did. E-readers are helpful now days as well, although they can’t replace the real deal for me yet.

Thus imagine, instead of a building full of books, a building full of handbags and access to them all! Not wasted in the attic, but ready to be used. By sharing we buy less and have less impact on the environment than with owning.

That gives us the opportunity to invest in quality pieces and bring the right homage to not only designers, but also to craftsmanship. A membership of The Handbag Society allows you the use of all kind of bags that you would only dream of to buy, or actually do and then you have The One. And of course you can carry The One always and everywhere, and you will love it, but it will not match with every outfit, it will not be suitable for every occasion. As a member you can still have many “One’s”, have access to any bag of the collection and share your bags as well. When you fall in love with a bag, and wouldn’t like to part with it you can place a reservation on the bag and buy it when it’s released for sale.