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Part 4 on office wardrobes on a budget

If you have followed my earlier posts of the office wardrobe on a budget series, you are now busy to create an office wardrobe and able to make combinations with your new clothes. If not, I recommend to you that you start here with my first post on the subject. Although today’s post will give you a complete new outfit, sans shoes, as well. Be ready for a skirt (or another pair of trousers if you aren’t into skirts), your perfect white shirt and a scarf.

Step 1: A pencil skirt at the right length adds office glamour

It’s time for a skirt in the same color as your blazer and pants. The skirt should hit your leg anywhere between just above your knee to mid calf. Choose a style that makes you look good. A pencil skirt is always a good option. Select a skirt that will match your blazer.

Step 2: A perfect crisp white shirt is hard to find

And I should know, as I’m still the proud owner of a variety of white blouses. After a rigorous declutter session the previous weekend I’ve halved the amount of white blouses in my wardrobe, but I’m still hunting for a perfect new addition. Every season the cut is different and the color white comes in various shades. Thus upgrade your wardrobe with a new white shirt that fits you perfectly.

Step 3: Scarves aren’t fussy per se

It’s almost summer, why would I need to wear a scarf to the office? I’m not the “fussy scarf” type, more the “I don’t want to be cold” type. I’ve encountered various office climates, from hotter than a Finnish sauna in Romania to although it’s lovely weather outside, we still like to freeze inside, Georgia, US. Not to mention, the off-site I’ve had once with a management team, in a cold winter, when the care taker of the beautiful monumental building forgot to put on the heating on time and we all froze. At least we kept it short and to the point!

Because you can’t control the weather, and often enough also not the office climate, a scarf is an ideal addition to your outfit: to keep you warm and to tie a look together. There is a world of scarves out there, from silk Hermès and Etro pieces of art to more affordable versions. My latest addition was one by POM Amsterdam. The nice thing about scarves is that you can look for something that not only matches your skintone and the office standards but also your personality. Thus take some time selecting a perfect match for your office wardrobe.

add a scarf

This scarf by POM Amsterdam, a gift from my parents, is ideal to keep me warm. Nothing fussy about this look!