The membership of The Handbag Society, how does it work?

As soon as you pay the membership fee of € 500, you receive 12 vouchers and the whole collection is available to you to borrow from. The membership has to be renewed yearly and gives you during that year the possibilities listed below. A half year membership costs € 260 and an additional guarantee (deposit) of €300, which is returned to you, after your membership expires. For a half year membership you receive 6 vouchers. If you choose to prolong your membership to a year, you will receive an additional 6 vouchers and your remaining € 60 of your deposit back.

A share membership of only €70 is also an option if you are the owner of a designer bag in good condition yourself. Register as a share member and add at least one bag. You’ll receive 2 vouchers to start borrowing with. Every time someone borrows your bag, you’ll earn more vouchers.


Depending on your membership you have a year or a half year long the opportunity to spend the vouchers that you received on the most beautiful bags. You can borrow one bag at a time for the amount of vouchers that they cost. You can borrow a bag for a maximum of 3 weeks. Prolonging is an option providing that the bag isn’t reserved. How to reserve a bag is explained in the next section. You choose the bag that you want to borrow and if it’s available you can click on borrow and within three days the bag is delivered to you. The amount of vouchers that the bag costs is being subtracted from your balance. Within three weeks you have to return the bag. Share members are restricted to the members owned collection.


Suppose you have a special occasion and you want to take a bag from the collection to that event and make sure that it is available to you at an exact date. Than you can reserve a bag. Choose the bag you want to reserve, go to the calendar and choose the day before you want to have the bag as the delivery date. You can immediately see if the bag is available. If it is, you can confirm the reservation. The amount of vouchers is settled directly and you will receive your bag in time. You can reserve only one bag at a time. Off course you can borrow other bags in the time before your reservation is due.


As a full member you can also claim a bag from the collection. Suppose you love a bag so dearly, that you actually don’t want to return it. Than there are two options if the bag is not claimed yet: you want to keep it directly, or you have a little bit of patience and claim it. Send an e-mail to with the option you want. Be aware that if you want to keep the bag directly you’ll pay the full price including handling an administration cost. If you have more patience and you’ll wait until the bag would normally be available in the outlet you have the first option of buying it for the reduced price. Also for claiming applies the rule: one at a time. Changing your mind is always a possibility.


If you are yourself a proud owner of a beautiful handbag collection, than you’ll have the option to share your own bags with the other members of the handbag society. Make a picture of the bag. Upload it on Add a bag, pick a category, give a description, choose the amount of vouchers that you want others to “pay” for your bag and share. As soon as somebody borrows your bag, your balance goes up, you’ll receive a shipping label and send the bag to the other member.

Transferring Vouchers

If you think that for a gift a membership is quite expensive, than you as a full member can give a trial membership of three months. Fill in the details of the lucky recipient, assign an amount of vouchers that you want to transfer, write a personal message and click on send. The beneficiary will receive mail with your message; the vouchers and an explanation. Please note that one person can only be a trial member once and that you are the guarantor for the trial member.

Bring a new member and determine the collection

When you sign up for a full membership, you are asked to explain how you got in touch with The Handbag Society. You have than the opportunity to fill in the name and the e-mail address of a full member. That member of The Handbag Society will get the opportunity to choose a new bag for the collection and be the first one to use it. When a trial membership is turned into a yearlong membership the giver is of course the one who gets the option to determine the collection.

Your vouchers are spent, what next?

There are three possibilities:

1. You renew your membership with a year and receive new vouchers. Especially useful when your membership is almost due.

2. You buy new vouchers. New vouchers are available five at a time for €200

3. You share your own bags and earn vouchers.

Your membership is almost expired, and you still have vouchers left, what next?

There are three possibilities:

1.You choose your new handbag quickly, renew your membership and prolong your happiness. Make sure you use as many vouchers as possible, or they’ll expire.

2. You transfer your vouchers and make somebody happy with a trial membership. Be aware that everybody who already has been a member or trial member is not eligible for a trial membership. As soon as the vouchers are spent or the three months of the trial membership end, you will receive your guarantee (deposit) back.

3. You do nothing and your vouchers expire. If you don’t prolong your membership within a month time of the expire date, your guarantee (deposit) will be returned to you after a month.

Oops, something came up and I didn’t return the bag in time

Let us know immediately by sending an e-mail to, make sure your phone is switched on and we will contact you about shipping details. You’ll pay the courier cost as well as €5,- per day that you are late.