About the founder of The Handbag Society: Aleksandra Zijlstra

Aleksandra Zijlstra

Aleksandra Zijlstra is the founder and owner of The Handbag Society and is enthusiastically sharing her passions and handbags. One of the things she aspires is to think and do: and .. and .. instead of or.. or.. In other words: How to be both? Everybody needs to find his or her balance, this is how she does it.

How to be both: chic and sustainable

Enjoying this world, improving it and keeping it a nice place for our and the next generations is key, but it doesn’t mean that it only can be done on your home knit socks. You can do it in style! And this is what I love about the concept of sharing. It provides us with abundance and more than doubles the fun! Therefore I founded The Handbag Society, the online sharing platform for handbags. It was something I searched for myself during a period when a lot of people around me were getting married, and not finding such a service, I started one myself.

How to be both: an aerospace engineer and fashionable

Not a usual combination, but something I grew into. Having done some modelling work during my studies I received some tips on the way. And choosing to climb the corporate ladder, I did start in the aerospace business after my studies. The way I dressed did affect how I was perceived. Always something to keep in mind.

How to be both: a businesswoman and a mother

Yes, I know, this is something that’s always a topic for discussion and it seems nobody has it right. Well, by just doing both, a loving husband and letting go of a lot of “waste”. Yes, my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt skills are still being used once in a while. I do the best I can. And that should be enough, as well for my children as for my ambition.


The photograph of Aleksandra Zijlstra is made by Yvette Wolterick, Profielfotograaf